Turquoise, a unique clothes and textiles shop, and a fashion and accessories brand in its own right, has been an integral part of the Greek island of Hydra for more than 15 years.

It all started in 1992 when Dimitris, the founder, met a Buddhist monk and was inspired to travel extensively in the East to discover India’s unique textile block printing tradition. Impressed by the rich heritage and the mesmerizing designs and quality, Dimitris decided to bring a small part of India back home and specifically to the cosmopolitan island of Hydra, a hub for many artists and world famous musicians.

Partnering with local families and organizations in India, Dimitris started designing clothes, shawls, kaftans, shirts and textiles, getting his inspiration from motifs not only from the rich Indian cultural heritage but also from civilizations from all over the world as well as the Ancient Greek art, like labyrinths, meanders,  spirals, the Minoan honeybees among so many others.

Turquoise, located in the centre of Hydra, “the pearl of the Aegean sea”,  is more like an extension of the Silk Road of the East, offering travellers from all over the world the chance to envelop themselves in beautifully made fabrics, elegant, breezy shawls, intricately patterned kaftans, shirts, towels and textiles, all items unique, as the exclusively hand-made procedure ensures that no yardage is identical with the other.

All Turqoise clothes and apparel are:
  • Hand-made in India
  • Made by local families of printers and weaving organizations
  • Made exclusively with traditional printing and weaving techniques such as block printing, using natural vegetable and plant dyes extensively
  • Produced in small batches

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